Let's play a game

Hello people of the world - Is what I would say if I was supreme ruler of the world. However I am not… fortunately. 

Today’s music.

Following my paint related things of a few weeks ago, I have now finished painting my first wall in the bunkwagon and I’m very pleased with it! Here it is. 

Rehearsals are heating up now as we’ve just moved spaces to the WMC which is great. It gives us a dedicated training space allowing us to start really rehearsing scenes in full. I’ve also been doing a lot of rigging over the past few days.This has been great and I feel like I’m learning new things every minute. It has also let me understand the technicalities of the show that we are making a lot more. Nat put up a cool picture of the King poles in the new space. 

In other exciting Bianco news, a few new tour dates have been announced Including a very exciting 3 weeks in Bristol as well as time in Bangor and Narbeth. The schedule is filling up! Just 25 day’s until opening in the Roundhouse!!!!

That is all for now.