Delta S

PhotoCredit : Nofitstate

Delta S, or as I prefer ΔS is about chaos, about entropy and its many form. It’s about divergent thinking and linear ideas. It’s about the way that we approach problem solving, both on a personal level and beyond. It is a developing piece of circus theatre which combines juggling, tumbling, creative rigging with my own geeky personal outpourings. When finished it will be in the region of 50-70 minutes and be suitable for theatres and similar indoor spaces.

Delta S began in a notebook, as a list of machines, things I wanted to make. Few of them had beginnings and none had an ending. And this is largely how the show really began, I did some shopping and then Saz and I hung out in a workshop and made things, out of bits of string and the sorts of things that you find in that drawer you have in the kitchen called “misc.”

Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future
 Photo Credit  :  Nofitstate

PhotoCredit : Nofitstate

PhotoCredit : Olga Ina Morati

In September I did my first stage of development working with Edward Rapley (Outside Eye), Saz Moir (Prop design support and construction) and Tarn Aitken (Rigging mentor). I am now making plans to move the piece forwards towards being a finished show. So far it has had 2 weeks of research and development at Nofit State’s Cardiff rehearsal space. The primary focus was on prop and set development. At the end of this period I did two work in progress showings.

Insanity: Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results

In March March 2016 I completed my second stage of development with a two week residency in Bristol's Unit 10. I spent this time working on new props as well as redeveloping existing ones. During my time there I opened the door wide open to allow people to see what I was working on and feed into my creative process. On the final weekend I did two work in progress showings of Delta S. 

I'd like to thank Nofit state Circus, the Up and Out Network, Unit 10, all my crowdfunding backers and Arts Council England for their support so far.