In December 2013 I graduated from Nofitstate Circus' trainee performer programme and as a culmination of our time Transit was born. With Nat Whittingham, Blaze Tarsha, Fred Rendell, Elle Edwards and Kate Inez-Kieran we made a show under the guidance of acclaimed director Firenza Guidi and with music by David Murray which combined ensemble scenes with solo work. 

PhotoCredit : Jack Hunter

My solo piece looked into the mind of a character who's identity is unknown as he builds contraptions out of spoons, string and a host of things you might find in that kitchen drawer everyone has marked "misc". The audience was encouraged to ask who is he? What does he desire? Is he an inventor? Is he fixing something? Does he know what he is doing or is he simply bored? I tried to make a character that I hope everyone can relate to with the simple pleasure of doing, experimenting and making.


I have continued to perform this solo across the UK and it has now also formed the foundation for my longer solo show Delta S

Transit also marked the beginning of a collaboration between myself and Kate as we created a counterweighted rope piece which went on to be performed at a number of other events.  

PhotoCredit : Jack Hunter