Parklife went to park's and public spaces across the UK taking large scale circus outdoor and directly to it's audiences and was my first involvement with NofitState as he started as a volunteer. Over three years the show visited Stockton, Norwich, Brighton, Pontardawe, Tauntnon, Dorchester, Glastonbury, Birmingham and Bestival. 

PhotoCredit : Adam Shawyer

PhotoCredit : InsideOut Dorset

Under the direction of Orit Azaz Parklife took it touring company and joined forces with local community groups to make a show in a week through skill sharing and workshops to be performed together at the end of the week. 

NoFit State hurled the tent off its circus to unleash a fiesta of invention, spectacle and creative collision. Parklife reinvented what is possible in public space, and created an exuberant new form of outdoor circus theatre.