Past Events


For the Durham Juggling and Circus Festival 2016 I was show booker/producer, bringing in some of the best acts from across the UK for a one night cabaret at Barnard Castle, County Durham. (Oct '16)


For the 2016 Bio Wales Convention Nofit State Circus Presented their ensemble rope act. My role was as rigger and counterweighter. For two days I worked under Lyndall Merry dealing with the rigging installation, technical rehearsal, performance and derig. (Feb '16)



For Nofit State's first R&D of their new project my role was technician, installing and operating the lighting, projection and rigging. Produced by Tom Rack, directed by Firenza Guidi and in collaboration with Kalle Nio this residency in Amien, France was focussed on the heritage of circus as well as projection mapping and bodies in a projected environment. (Feb '16)


Booked through the Invisible Circus some of the finest jugglers from  the South West were brought together one damp morning at Oxford station for a juggling flash mob, including amost others Marky JayDarryl J Carrington, Jon Udry, Sam Goodburn and  Sebastien Valade. This event was to promote the new website for HERE charity. (Jan '16)

PhotoCredit: Marky Jay


Directed by Paul Evans Journeys was the final show at Nofit State's John Street space before their move to a new building. Under the role of head rigger I reinvented the building with aerial ropes in the foyer, trapeze's in the offices and a 30m building spanning tight wire. On the evening I also performed a brand new site specific juggling piece along side wall trampoline, counterweighted wall running and a whole host of other skills. (Dec '15)

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity

Each thought, each step, each breath; Every beat of the blood pumping heart, Moves us inexorably forwards. We have no choice in making the journey; We can only decide on where we wish to go.

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity


For the Durham Juggling and Circus Festival 2015 I was show booker/producer, bringing in some of the best acts from across the UK for a one night cabaret in Wolsingham, County Durham. (Oct '15)

One of best weekend convention shows I’ve seen.

PhotoCredit : Unicycle UK


Directed by Olga Kaleta, Elegant Interactions was the final show of the Meeting Lab, a circus creation lab hosted by The Island, Bristol. For this production my role was head rigger and lighting technician. (Sept '15)   

PhotoCredit : Charlotte Chambers



My first solo show went through its first stage of development at Nofitstate's Four Elms rehearsal space. (Sept '15)

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PhotoCredit : Nofitstate


This show from Peut-Être Theatre & La Manœuvre combines circus, dance, theatre and live projections in a magical journey for children and adults alike. I performed the show in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Mediatheque Theatre playing the part of the fisherman. (June '15)



Open House from Nofitstate toured the UK visiting Cardiff, Newbury, Doncaster, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Barking, Stratford, Sandwell, Leicester and Peterborough. (May - Sept '15)

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PhotoCredit - Ineptgravity


BIANCO_HereBeDragons - BIACMarseille

Nofitstate's BIANCO was presented at Biennale internationale des Arts du Cirque Marseille (FRA) for one month.

(Feb '15)

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PhotoCredit : Simon Wall


In celebration of its 10th birthday I performed an aerial zipline piece at the iconic Sage Gateshead music venue. With 3m wings I brought the character of Skellig back to life after the live show was presented at the venue in 2008. (Dec '14)

Many amazing things at @sage_gateshead but most amazing is Tramp-angel hovering over my maths teacher of 25 years ago


This seminar brought together over 100 circus educators and facilitators from across Europe to Cardiff for three days of workshops, skill share sessions, meetings and shows. 

I delivered workshops in one of Nofitstate's trademark skills, aerial counterweighting and rigging to the seminar attendees. 

I also had a large involvement in the events main show where I performed my Transit Solo as well as being head rigger for the event, rigging for several aerial acts as well as counterweighting the compère Steve Cousins in from the balcony. (Oct '14)

Beautiful @NoFitState Cabaret show for #NICE2014 delegates.

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity


Performing for my third time at the DJC I returned to Wolsingham this time with my Transit Solo. (Oct '14)


PhotoCredit : Durham City Jugglers 


Returning to VOLT but this time as a solo artist I was accepted with my solo aerial rope, rigging and clown piece Rigged.  (Oct '14)

PhotoCredit : Graham Burke



Counterweighted trapeze with Anna O'Loughlin. We performed at The Albany Centre raising funds for their roof repairs. (Oct '14)


For a one night only cabaret in Nofitstate's iconic spaceship tent I presented Rigged for the first time. As well as being head rigger for the show I counterweighted Anna O'Loughlin in our first performance together with our counterweighted trapeze act.      (Aug '14)

No nonsense numbers from Nofitstate and friends


Nofitstate Circus' BIANCO returned for its second season, this time embarking on a European tour of Cardiff (UK), Limerick (IRE), Les Tombées De La Nuit - Rennes (FRA),  Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK)and Utrecht (NED).

(May - Oct '14)

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With the counterweighted rope piece that we created for Transit me and Kate Inez-Kieran went to VOLT circus scratch to further develop the act and get some feedback. (April '14)

PhotoCredit : Graham Burke


Performed alongside Kate Inez-Kieran in our counterweighted rope piece at the sell out spring cabaret in Nofitstate's new Four Elms space. Alongside a international cast of performers and with compère AJ James. (March '14)


BIANCO_TurningSavage - PerthInternationalFestival

I travelled to Perth, Australia with Nofitstate for a one month run of shows at the International Festival. (Feb '14)

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Returning back to my home city of Newcastle to perform my debut hula hoop solo in this fun-for-all-the-family cabaret. (Dec '13)


Ensemble acrobatics performer for Nofitstate's Christmas Cabaret directed by Holly Stoppit (Dec '13)

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity



End of year showcase on completion of the Nofitstate trainee performer programme.

(Dec '13)

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PhotoCredit : Jack Hunter



In my first season touring with BIANCO from Nofitstate we visited Roundhouse - London, Welsh Millenium Centre - Cardiff, Brighton Fringe Festival, Creative Common - Bristol, Narberth, Pontio - Bangor, Appitite Stoke, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Theatr Brycheiniog - Brecon. (March - Sept '13)

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Presented by Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club at Cardiff Masonic Hall. Together with Emily Nichol, we performed our partner acrobatics piece. (Dec '12)


Directed by renowned clown director Angela De Castro and presented by the Cabaret Collective this ensemble show brought together thethe whole circus comminty of South Wales. I performed a clowning trampete piece as well as performing partner acrobatics with Emily Nichol. (Dec '12)

a celebration of the range of resident talent

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity


As the finale to the DJC gala show I performed my solo three club routine No. 14. (Oct '12)




PhotoCredit : Durham City Jugglers


Barricade is a large scale outdoor show by Nofitstate which toured across France and the UK in 2011 and 2012. I came into the performing company for the end of the tour to perform to over 10,000 people over two nights in Angers, France. As well as my ensemble performance work I did parkour, trampoline, spinning ladder, acrobalance and aerial bungies. (Sept '12)

A wind is rising. People are building a barricade to defend themselves from the storm

PhotoCredit : Matt Smith


To celebrate the end of the Olympic cultural Olympiad, NE Generations had a final showcase. I was there representing both Five Ring Circus and The Urban Games across the weekend I performed my solo juggling routine No.14, Black Around the Edges with Hollie Johnson as well as MC'ing for the final of the Urban Games parkour time trial competition. .

PhotoCredit : Brian Tinnion


As part of the run up to the 2012 Olympics youth organisation Somewhereto_ ran an online video competition looking for talented under 25's. I made the top 10 and was taken to the newly opened Olympic park to compete in the final where I performed No.14. See my entry video here. (Aug '12)


Presented by Graeae Theatre in a collaboration with La Fura dels Baus, Prometheus Awakes was a large scale outdoor aerial show performed at Stockton International Riverside Festival in 2012. I was one of eight performers who were lifted by crane high above Stockton High Street in a custom made hamster wheel which we made spin and turn as part of the 25th SIRF. (Aug '12)

You will feel the earth move and the sky explode as an eight metre high Prom
fire and humanity in defiance of the God Zeusetheus rises from the ground and create

PhotoCredit : Kev Howard

PhotoCredit : Kev Howard


This Welsh language play - English title ' Billy does a bronco' was directed by Geinor Styles and I was brought in to the process as acrobatic trainer to help push the actors to make the most of the set and help them achieve the illusive bronco.  (July '12)

PhotoCredit : Farrow's Creative


Created for the London Olympic Torch Relay, Time Laps was directed by The Urban Playground and produced Solar Learning.

Under my roll as rehearsal director and performer I was involved in bringing 18 young people from across the North East together to celebrate both the history of the Olympics ad the diversity of the arts in Newcastle and Gateshead. (June '12)

NUCSSPresents - TheShowcase

Co-Producer and performer for The Newcastle University Circus Skills Society Showcase. On the night I performed a comedy fruit juggling act, a bespoke passing act with Jack Woods as well as Black Around The Edge with Hollie Johnson. (March '12)



PhotoCredit : Brian Tinnion


Produced by People At Play this piece of experimental Dance/Theatre/Mixed Discipline showed what happens when you put 50 artists in a school in London together for 24 hours and let them make a dance piece. Directed by Zosia Jo. (March '12)

PhotoCredit : Nicholas Adams


Me and Hollie Johnson where invited to the DJC to perform ournewly created act Black Around the Edges. (Oct '11) 


Admitted onto one week mentoring scheme run by Let's Circus. During this time I worked alongside Hollie Johnson to create a 15 minute street show under the guidance of esteemed street performers Steve Cousins and JP-McKendry which we performed on the Streets of Durham - Fresh Talent pitch. (Aug '11)




Mano a Mano is part of the ¡Vamos! Festival was a physical and musical performance featuring Argentinean singer Gloria Marco and musician Alx Alfaro as well as myself and Hollie Johnson performing parkour and acrobalance

Directed by Rosa Stourac McCreery, the ramps  and obstacles of Dynamix Skatepark provided a playground for spectators and performers for this atmospheric night inspired by tango held in Tyneside’s only indoor amphitheatre. (July '11)


PhotoCreditNikolas Barrera


Appeared in music video for hip-hop artist Ffot1's 'So Grimey'. Shot by Nick Light in Newcastle, UK. (March '11)


As part of the very first event at Dynamix Skatepark  performed a partener acrobatics act with Hollie Johnson with live accompaniment from musician Alx Alfaro (Nov '10)


PhotoCredit : David Holbrook


Produced by Solar Learning The Hip and Urban Games involved a series of events, showcase's workshops, roadshows and competitions. Initially working closely with Solar Learning and later expanding to work alongside Apeuro Freerunning we delivered parkour and freerunning events across the UK including the very first parkour time trial competition in the North East.  (Oct '10 - '12)

PhotoCredit ; Stephen Walker

UrbanPlayground - JuiceFestival

Parkour performance at the Sage Gateshead with The Urban Playground North East Parkour as part of the Juice Festival. I was invited the return one year later to mentor the performers for a show at the Sage Gateshead.

(Nov '09-'10)


I first was introduced to the Five Ring Circus on Nofitstate''s Parklife which largerly marks the beginning of my circus journey as I started to develop outside of parkour. From there I started traning regularly with the youth circus based out of their home Circus Central in Newcastle.

The Troupe has been an example of excellence in youth circus arts and has performed to audiences across the North East and UK

In 2011 I entered the Five Ring Circus Troupe and received training in a number of circus disciplines under many tutors including; Acrobatics - Massimiliano Rossetti and Marianne Chollet.  Aerial - Annabel Carberry and Claire Harvey. Juggling - Rob Thornburn. Performance- Steve Cousins and JP McKendry. We went on to perform many times across the North East . (Aug '09 - '12)

PhotoCredit : Peter Marsh

PhotoCredit : Claire Harvey



Directed by Orit Azaz the show by Nofitstate visited Stockton, Norwich, Brighton, Pontardawe, Tauntnon, Dorchester, Glastonbury, Birmingham and Bestival. (Aug '09 - '11)

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