Open House

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity

Directed by Orit Azaz, Open House was a large scale outdoor production which combined high skill circus with engaging public workshops. In the ensemble production my primary skills were wall trampoline, acrobatics, hand to hand solo juggling and group club passing. 

Throughout summer 2015 Nofitstate's Open House production toured the UK visiting Cardiff, Newbury, Doncaster, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Barking, Stratford, Sandwell, Leicester and Peterborough. 

In the morning, the circus comes to town: a caravan of caravans, first flowing through the town, then setting up home in a public square, street or park. Flags are unfurled, washing is hung out on giant lines and marvellous aerial contraptions mutate out of the caravans and trucks. The space is now transformed into the heart of a circus village

PhotoCredit Ineptgravity