What's the time mister wolf?

Here’s a nice album.

Just did the first show of the week and it was a good one! The first one back after a day off is sometimes a little ‘spongy’ but today was good, with the only small negative being that my voice started to go during the second half.

This morning was great fun and a real workout! I was teaching counter-weighted aerial hoop with Blaze and it was very successful. We were teaching a load of youth circus kids from Nofitstate and Circus Eruption and they seemed to really enjoy it and get a lot out of it. 

The next few days should be nice with pilates, rope training and even a swinging trapeze taster session! Scary stuff. 

Again I feel I must mention Calum’s amazing effort, raising money for the Mamie Martin Fund. Aside from the good cause, check out the past few days, they’ve been brilliant. 

A couple of days ago I shared my first list and I thought I’d give a summary of today’s. The list was 

“List 30 things that I did do but now don’t”

Here’s a couple…

  • Make videos every few few week
  • Carry a tin opener with me
  • Dislike red or stripey clothes
  • Always wear hats
  • Have opportunities to wear a suit
  • Wear a watch

It’s funny that now that I’m reading this back I realise how much of this has to do with clothing or personal appearance, which to me feels out of character.