Welcome back

So it’s been aaaages (like three week) - Infact, more than ‘like three weeks’…exactly three weeks since I last posted anything here. I could say it has been because I’ve been too busy but that would be a lie. I’ve just fallen into the trap of once you leave a gap after posting regularly, you feel like too much has happened since you last posted, you don’t know where to start and therefore it becomes too much of a daunting task. To combat this I have prefaced this post with a bit of useless preamble to get me going, I hope you enjoyed it. 

We’ve now done 16 shows and it’s going great! It feels like we'v e just got going here and now all of a sudden it’s our final week at the Roundhouse before the tour continues to Cardiff. The show is starting to find its stride as we are all getting to know the show and its such an exciting time! Rehearsals got really intense in the final weeks at the WMC and our first week here but now that the show is settling and I’ve got time to start training again its great. I’m on a bit of bounce juggling run at the moment which is going great! Aided by a ball donation for the kind Hugo so that I can start training 7 balls again. 

There have been some lovely pictures come up so here is a selection - High Fliers: Nofit State circus presents Bianco - in pictures. and Roundhouse’s facebook page

I have been keeping a show diary so maybe I’ll share some of the highlights from that on here at some point when I’ve got it at hand.