Today was just a normal day - Block R&D

‘To build the highest tower you must first build your foundations in humility’

So today is a Monday, exactly one week after the mental fiasco that was the welly incident, and it also happens to be the beginning of the end, in a sense.  

We’re into the final week of our Block R&D project and I wouldn’t be being honest if I said I wasn’t going to miss it. We started at a group of 4, a director, 3 performers and not a single block in sight on October 8th. Now we’ve grown to a group of 7 and have now amassed 24 blocks and after nearly 4 months the end feels very close all of a sudden. 

Rather then try to give an overview of what we have been doing, which I’m sure other people can, and have done much better then I could, I’m just going to talk about today. 

We’re currently working at a church in Grangetown, a quaint and picturesque district of Cardiff [citation needed]. Today was a warm day, as anyone who has been working in a barely heated church in January would be able to tell you and we started by carrying on from where we left off on Friday, investigating techniques and setting a sequence during which we descend a structure that we have have affectionately nicknamed ‘Desmond’, after Desmond Tutu. This arose from having previously described the configuration using hand gestures and a description that in essence comes down to the repetition of the word 'two’ several times in quick succession. After collapsing Desmond in spectacular fashion (Desmond is 6m tall and when it falls sideways makes a bit of a bang…) we moved onto the main task of the day. 

Over the past few months we have came up with a huge amount of material and the task that we are in the middle of is trying combinations and slotting the jigsaw of stuff together ready for the showing at the end of the week. Today we started fleshing out a large section of what we will be showing and developing techniques and even some new material to link them all together, this included trying out an acro sequence me and Emily have been working on on top of a large structure and finding a load of new ways of getting blocks up to high places.

So that was today, and tomorrow is another day.