Something new every week

First off, here’s some nice music to listen to while reading. 

And second off, sorry about the rubbish post yesterday, it was fairly naff. But if it helps, I had fun writing it, it made my think. 

So, to paraphrase Denis Waitley, let’s not dwell on what went wrong. Instead, let’s focus on what to do next. Any keen beans might have spotted that I have been blogging a lot recently. Any really keen beans might have spotted that these blogs have been once a day. And finally, any really, really keen beans might have spotted that this has been going on for 7 days now. Time to go back a bit… (Feel the woosh as you travel back to a time not that long ago. Seven days ago in fact.)

Last week I sat and listened to an interview on London Real TV with Tim “Livewire” Shieff. If you have some time then I’d say it’s worth listening to.  For me it was interesting because it is someone that I have seen a lot of thought youtube etc but I knew very little about. It was clear that a lot of things he was talking about were fairly new ideas to him, which of course is no bad thing, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes for him.

He spoke at length about changes he has made to his lifestyle, including sleeping on the floor and changing to a vegan diet. While I didn’t agree with everything he said (a vegan diet isn’t for me, for example) it did fire my own mind off about trying different things is my life. Now I’m not talking about drastic thing here, I’m not about to go and live in a forest, or only eat something if I caught it with my own bare hands. It’s smaller things that perhaps part of me want to do anyways. So what I’m going to do is…(drum roll please) something different every week. That is to say, every week I’ll make an effort to do something different, ranging from doing a task every day, or a certain number of times every day, or just making more of an effort with something for a week. 

So this week, you guessed it. I started small and said I would blog every day, without fail. The idea is that if at the end of the week it has gone well, then it can be adopted into my life as it is, or it could be adapted, or if it didn’t work at all then lose it completely, but at least I’ve tried it. So the result is that I enjoyed blogging every day, but if I haven’t got anything to blog about then I shouldn’t do it. Last night showed that.

Next week will again be nice an easy in a way as I’m going to read everyday for at least one hour. This is simply because I enjoy reading but I never think to do it. 

Finally before I go, the other thing discussed in the interview was the idea of ego. This proved to be an interesting topic for Tim to talk about as he is so well know within the parkour community, and is undoubtedly a roll model for many young impressionable minds. At one point he mentioned “Not wanting to be someone else’s double” in relation to whether he could be a stunt man. He went on to say that he had so many of his own things to say. He also recognised that this could be a very egotistical or self-righteous view and while I agree I don’t an issue with this. Surely this is how original and creative work is made? Or how people come to get very good in whatever field they give their time to. If you don’t think you’re any good or at least can’t recognise your strengths then how can you spot your weaknesses? And for me being able to spot your own weaknesses is such a valuable skill. Also thinking your good at something leads to confidence and while over-confidence can of course be a huge issue a certain measure of it is definitely required to do things that nobody else has done. 

A good man once said~

‘Enough philosophical rubbish'