Oct '14-Oct'13

So, I’ve kind of just realised why I often include music in the top line of my blog posts. Having just read back through my last post which was a few months back now, I clicked on the music, it started then I started reading, and it really took me back. So here’s this posts’ music, I hope you appreciate it as much as my future self will. 

For a bit of fun I think I might write this post in reverse chronology and see how it goes, it seems fitting in a way since right now I can kind of see how my life is sitting for a while, so I’ll start at the end of my plans and work back to my last post. 

So my exciting relatively new news is that I’m going to be touring Europe next year with Bianco, Yaaay! Looking forwards to it a lot and can’t wait to see what it entails. The only confirmed city so far is Limerick but there’s a lot of talk about some exciting places, so more on that as it gets released.

Before that I currently have a chasm (by my current standards) of a gap in my schedule which I’m looking for fun things to fill with so anyone know anything exciting happening in mid March through to mid/end April? BJC2014 is the only thing currently vaguely on my radar.

And that brings my to exciting news #2 which is that we’re taking Bianco to Perth, Australia for a month!!! We’ll be performing at the Perth Festival for the whole of February so anyone from Perth, get it on your diary, ical, filofax, sticky note, arm or preferred personal organisation device. This is such an exciting trip for me as it’s over 17 years since I was last there. As I remember so little of the year I spent there it’s always been very high on my list of places I wanted to visit, so to be able to do that is amazing. The set, tent and all of the other 1000’s of things that it takes to do Bianco (minus the people, and a few assorted bits and bobs) have all just left the UK and now are going to be on a ship at sea for the next few weeks until we see them on the other side of the world. Hope WA is ready for us!!! (Although they seem to be since they put us on the cover of the program, booom)

And the final part of the trip down under is a little holiday time that I get over there before having to fly back so anyone around in early March, I’m looking at the possibilities of flying over to the East so anyone Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, parkour people, circus people, interesting people, people with feet, anyone at all in Australia give me a shout and I’ll start making plans!

So before that I’ll be taking some time to train in Cardiff and Newcastle and anywhere else that takes my fancy over Christmas and through January. Should be fun, got a couple of plans but nothing major so looking forwards to taking to see people, train and have a good festive season.

That brings me up to what I’m working on at the moment, I’ve got a couple of bit’s a pieces on the go at the moment which is fun. The main one is a solo act I’m working on the be shown in a warehouse in Cardiff in December, I’ve been working on it pretty consistently since the end of tour now and it’s starting to come together now. It’s a tumbling and manipulation act and I’m having a lot of fun exploring the the themes of waiting, restless play, logic and the lack of. I’m so happy to be making this act as it bring together so many of the skills and ideas I’ve wanted to have in an act for a long time now so I’ll let you know how that goes, perhaps over the few short weeks before I perform it or maybe just after I’ve got it out the way next month. 

The other show which I just started working on today is called “Too Excited To Sleep.” It will be a Christmas cabaret and so far I’m doing an ensemble acro act but I think that particular show has a lot more surprises to come so we’ll see. 

And back into the past we delve, my past couple of months have consisted of lots a training, including a decent amount of acro which has been great. lots of act development and quite a few trips to Bristol. Bristol seems to be where it’s at, at the moment with great shows happening all the time. Recently I’ve seen The Carny Villains and The Invisible Circus’ “Under the Dark Moon” at the Creative Common where I performed earlier in the year. Also Fireproof Giant did a really nice chilled out set recently at The Looking Glass and The Island hosted a show called The wedding which was something very new and very daring. 

Will blog again in the next few days, it’s hard to be myself when I feel like I’m catching up but that’s it, a year of my life!