Lists of lists

Today I made a list of lists! Sounds a bit fractaly but…well it is. 

The idea was to start writing lists of things to get me thinking about them. Depending on the topic they will work in one of three different ways.

The first is reflective, making me think about things I have done. An example of this is ‘List 30 things I did yesterday that were productive’.

The second type is creative/provocative. These are ones that make me think, plan or construct my own ideas, one example is “List 20 ideas for videos and short films I could make.”

The third type is research, these concern things that I don’t know enough about and so by having to make a list of attributes I’ll have to get out there and find out about them, ie “List 30 things about modern UK politics that I didn’t already know”

This broadly covers all the types of lists I am making although some fall in between categories. The plan is to complete one list per day for the next 31 days and today I started with “List 30 potential lists” job done! So I’ll let you know how that goes and will share any interesting lists or ideas caused by lists as I get to them.