Kis gyerek ne maradj itt

Yeah, nice one Lee, so much for regular posting… Although it doesn’t feel like it, the calendar says it has nearly been a whole month since I last posted, thanks for the reminder Ellie. A lot has gone on in that time, here’s a summary of some of the less important stuff. 

We’ve now done 34 shows and have went from London to Cardiff and now on to Brighton! It was nice to be back in Cardiff for a week to see familiar people and places but was possibly just too short for a show with this much set up. The get out in London was a mad one that I won’t forget for a while. I started my working day at 12 for notes and presets, did a show, notes and preset again and then finished the second show just before 10pm. I then worked through the night until 6am when the sun rose and we sat down with a loaded van and a beer. 

We’re now in the tent and it’s great! So good to be in our own space with the knowledge that the show can stay the same until Edinburgh when Madame returns. Next week is going to be a fairly tough one in some respects, with a bank holiday coming up we will be doing 5 shows in 3 days on the bank holiday weekend. Also, 3 of them have the potential for them to be very hot and sticky as they’re matinees. 


Recently on the getting-hooked-on-other-people’s-skills-and-badgering-them-for-tricks-list has been hula hoop, had some proud moments I must say. Might film some of my tom foolery at some point for people to have a giggle. 

The big news in the company at the moment is much awaited and anticipated release of Fireproof Giant’s soundtrack album. It really is a great album and can be downloaded here. In other band related fun check out what Calum is up to.

In other news we’ve done a couple of promo outings in Brighton and I’ve loved every minute of them, I even made the local paper during one of them and few very funny pics have cropped up. Here’s one or two of my favourites. 


So now, in more recent news. I went to see Faust by fellow Geordie's Bad Taste Cru and only wish I’d gotten there a little earlier to get a better view. We then all headed off to catch the second half of La Clique in the wonderful Spiegel Tent before partying the night away with the rest of cast.

Time for two days off…

As always, more pics here and random rubbish here.