It''s that time of the year

Hi everybody! 

So the reading is going rubbish, I’ve had a very busy week and the few days when I’ve had the time and tried to sit down and read I just haven’t been able to focus. This was for a few reasons, one was I had a film watch list to get through before my free trial of lovefilm ran out and second main one was that I think I need a change of books for a while, something easier to get in to. While I’m enjoying ‘Thinking fast and slow’ it’s not an easy book to dip in and out of. 

While I’m on films, I’ve seen Les Mis and Django Unchained recently and both where great! both Anne Hathaway and Christopher Waltz are thoroughly deserving of their Bafta’s for supporting roles. Anne Hatheway’s version of 'I dreamed a dream’ was so very (additional superlatives needed) powerful and Waltz was just amazing throughout. What I thought was so interesting in Waltz’s performance is that in many ways he was playing a similar character type to the roll he had in 'Inglorious Basterds’. In both he was this all knowing, confident, wise and very mysterious guy, and yet he made them appear so different on screen. Also, considering Quentin Tarentino didn’t get the Bafta for best director, I am super excited to see Argo at some point. 

Also, I’ve just finished watching ’Super size me’ and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now, I feel like it’s only been out a few years but it came out in 2004! So, apart from making me hungry to the point that I had to go and make myself a nice health meal and resist the urge to run off to my local restaurant (choice of 0.65, 1.48, 1.67, 2.06, 2.21 miles.) Although, interestingly the estimate given by the NHS for the average number of steps taken in one day by people in Britain would only get me to the the nearest three. Then I guess I’d have to sleep there and walk back tomorrow…

Time to download a pedometer app onto my phone, although this isn’t going to count any movement I do while training. My old phone had one built in, I’ll hunt it down sometime as it’ll have a few years worth of data on it.