Do Not Read Me - Waste Of Your Time

Time to try something out, blogging when I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Everyone else seems to do it… I guess there are a couple of possible outcomes here:


  1. I reach what I consider to be an interesting train of thought by considering my content-less blog post. Thus I end up running with it, resulting in it being posted and hence you are reading it. So I guess this is is still a possibility at the point that you’re reading this. 
  2. I run into a dead end, causing me to decree this post to be a waste of my own time and more importantly yours (I include a future version of myself in that.) Now, while I cannot confirm that you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time reading this, there is one thing of which I can be certain. It wasn’t a waste of my time writing this. While it does feel odd to type that, I can guarantee that if you’re reading this, then I guess in the next 30mins or so I must have resolved to post it and so decided it was at least reasonably worth my time. 

Ok, I think this about covers it, I guess I should go back up to the top and change ‘few’ to 'couple of’. 

What I have learnt so far: 


  1. I should write down ideas as I have them and not wait a minute. I’m sure I had a one somewhere in the 2nd paragraph but alas it has gone. 
  2. Content-less blog posts seem to induce lists. 
  3. Lists in content-less blog posts seem to contain two items. 
  4. Point 3. is nullified when the writer is commenting on events in 'real time’. 
  5. Point three turns out to not be true in slightest. 
  6. 30 minutes was an underestimate, actual blogging time, 1 hour 15. 

Questions for the reader:


  1. Is it fun to read about edits I make if I include notes about them as I make them, even when they happened earlier? Or is it just annoying? (eg, I just spotted the 'numbered lists’ button.)
  2. Would a list of lists be useful yet?
  3. Will it ever be acceptable to use emotions (ie :), :( etc) as formal punctuation?
  4. Does talking to yourself on the internet reveals a little too much about yourself?

Time for me to jump back to the start and see where (if anywhere) I have gone so far. 

Taking my own advise. Making a list of thoughts as I’m reading back through.


  1. Twitter history - Retrospective edit - and facebook, tumblr etc.
  2. Point 1 must be true, only two options (List One)
  3. Point two isn’t clear (List One)
  4. Damn, my spotify monthly allowance thing has run out. 
  5. Just sent a preview to Hollie and the reaction was 'hah’ I guess this is good, so for now I will proceed, 
  6. Edit, following conversation, Hollie suggested not posting this, compromise was made. Title should be 'do not read me - waste of your time' 
  7. List of lists so far not necessary

So now, time to expand. List Five below will be list four again but with the initial ideas developed or explained. 


  1. This related to List One, point 2. I referred to my future self. This came to mind as I was just skimming through my twitter feed earlier and it reminded me of how glad I am that I use things like twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, vimeo etc in the way that I do. I use them largely, but of course not exclusively to record memories, some formats more then others. Twitter is my main online memory bank at the moment and it always makes me smile. Some people I know have chosen to empty their youtube accounts, I couldn’t do that. At least not without making sure I had copies myself, but even still when I think of how many other people’s videos have things that I don’t want to forget…
  2. Self explanatory I guess, when I was making List One I didn’t know how many options I would have. While I did at one point have 4 options, they got slimmed down to just two and so I can guarantee (especially considering List Four, point 6) that List One, point one is true. 
  3. It appears I got a little confused in my head while writing the first list. I think this was primarily caused by the way that I kept changing the number of items in the list as I thought more about it and in the end the ideas all got muddled together a little. Not sure how to explain it any more. Maybe I’ll return to this later if it occurs to me. 
  4. Nothing more to be said :(        *New thought*, will be added below. 
  5. Nothing more to be said. 
  6.     “          ”      "   “     ”     
  7. While a list of lists is not proving necessary, list titles has just become needed. 

*New thought*- Actually, maybe this should be added to List Three. It will become point 3. 

Ok, this is kind of it I think for now. Nothing new is jumping out.



  1. This is being posted. 
  2. Title will be “Do Not Read Me - Waste Of Your Time" 
  3. Talking to yourself on the internet is time consuming and relatively interesting. 
  4. I’ve just proof read and wow, this post really doesn’t say much. But then again, the title did warn you. 
  5. I’m glad I did it. 
  6. List Five, point 1 is interesting I think, maybe something for me to consider.

And finally I’ll leave the question of whether talking to yourself on the internet reveals a little too much about yourself for another post. 

In fact, this could be added to List Three.