A to B, one capital to another.

Since my last post I’ve moved out of my house in Cardiff and headed off on tour! Wooo, it’s all very exciting and I’m sure it’s only going to get more exciting as we approach our first show this Saturday.

Quite a lot has happened in the past few days so here’s a summary…

All the Bianco sandbags have been checked since one fell out of the roof and missed me by about 2 feet. I can laugh now but 5 kilos of sand from 8m could have hurt…

We had our dress rehearsal on Thursday and it was well received and in general went well. A few small issues including some truss that needs some TLC. All in all, nothing alarming though, and most importantly nothing that can’t be smoothed out in the next few days.

Getting out of the WMC on Friday night was an experience I’ve never come across. Our friends, the Crashmat Collective were doing their show Facade next door to us as we were dropping our rig to the floor and our exit route also happened to be their kitchen area. For anyone who doesn’t know their show, check¬†this link and you’ll see why this was an issue. The result was that we had to wheel all our kit including several tonnes of rigging and sound equipment along side six 400kg sections of set past in complete silence. This also had to be done to fit around the courses in their meal. The result was a very heavily laden game of ‘Frogger’. This slight hold up combined with the sheer volume of stuff we had to pack meant that we were loading until 1am.

The following day was my 'day off’ and I spent it moving house. Emily very helpfully gave me a lift with my worldly possessions and after a day of cleaning and generally tidying the highlight was my plan for getting a plastic crate across town on my bike. It was a plan I was quite proud of and came from the need to return a crate I borrowed from a flatmate to move my stuff (thanks Jasmine).

That night I went to watch Sutra, it felt a bit weird to go back the WMC on my one day off considering I’ve been there 6 days a week for the past 3 weeks but still… I enjoyed the show a lot and would recommend it to anyone who gets an opportunity to see it.

The following morning was the big move to London! Complicated slightly by daylight saving I’m sure how I always end up dong long journeys with early starts the day after the clocks change! I can’t really complain though, I’ve been waiting for it to happen since, well October, I suppose.

The get in has been fairly without incident and not particularly noteworthy apart from the Roudhouse being an amazing venue. Anyone who is my Facebook fwend can see some pictures here.