Showreel 2016


(This is about as far as I got when I started this post three days ago, time to finish it... To be fair though I'd just got back from a gig in Oxford and had been up since 5am so I'll excuse myself.)

Here's a boring-update-post.

Welcome to 2016, enjoy your stay. Gradually trying to drag myself into something resembling productivity after a festive season of getting really into board games and not a huge amount else. 

I've posted a two videos in the past few weeks the most notable of which being my 2016 showreel which can be seen here 

I had been becoming increasingly aware that my showreel was getting very out of date as it was from 2013. This was particularly noticeable since was released within a year of when I decided to go full time as a circus performer. Definitely glad to finally have got out an updated version. 

The other video, Dynamix juggling is a juggling training video of some of the tricks and sequences I was working on over Christmas. 

This week and last has been all about swinging trapeze, maybe more to come on that... watch this space. And in non circus news I moved into a new flat before Christmas and now that I've put up shelves it's lovely.

The shelves haven't fallen down, thanks for asking.