Delta S

Delta S, or as I prefer ΔS is about chaos, about entropy and its many form. It's about divergent thinking and linear ideas. It's about the way that we approach problem solving, both on a personal level and beyond.

Or at least that's what I like to tell myself.

I guess what Delta S is really about is that simply it is about nothing. It exists as a window into my brain which I place there on a platter, all grey, and vulnerable and simply there....

Delta S began in a notebook, as a list of machines, things I wanted to make. Few of them had beginnings and none had an ending. And this is largely how the show was began, I did some shopping and then Saz and I hung out in a workshop and made things, out of bits of string and the sorts of things that you find in that drawer you have in the kitchen called “misc.”

I am so very excited about the future of Delta S for many many reason, one of which is because I am excited to see it and feel it breath, it's a show that can really live, develop and morph. Delta S is a show that for me is that is less like a film and more like a diary. A film is created and may get remastered by some technical genius down the years but stays essentially locked in time in all but the details. A diary continues to change.

Next for Delta S is to make it richer, I look forwards to spending more time with the props, the universe of Delta S is one where every thing has a trick, I have a connection with everything in my environment and everything has a connection with me.

For that, I need to get better acquainted with sledge hammers.

I'd like to thank everyone that has been involved in Delta S so far, from Nofit State and their huge amounts of support through The Up and Out Network, Arts Council England and of course the team of people that exists alongside one man and his dreams. Finally I would like to thank one last group of contributors to Delta S, the audience who came to see my showing. You were as generous in your immensely helpful feedback as I could ever have hoped for and it has given me so much food for thought. Thank you for being present and in the moment, with me.

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