-Tumbling, object manipulation, rube goldberg machines and clown - scalable length 7-20mins

Transit looks into the mind of a character who's identity is unknown as he builds contraptions out of spoons, string and a host of things you might find in that kitchen drawer everyone has marked "misc". The audience was encouraged to ask who is he? What does he desire? Is he an inventor? Is he fixing something? Does he know what he is doing or is he simply bored? I tried to make a character that I hope everyone can relate to with the simple pleasure of doing, experimenting and making.

Initially created for Transit and supported by NofitState this act received direction support from Firenza Guidi and costume design by Rhiannon Matthews. It has been performed at The Network for International Circus Exchange in Cardiff and Durham Juggling and Circus Festival 2014. This act has gone on to form the foundation of my solo show Delta S. 

PhotoCredit : Jack Hunter

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity

PhotoCredit : Durham City Jugglers


-Comedy, rope, creative rigging - 8mins

First created for the Unhinged Cabaret, performed in Nofitstate's spaceship tent and then redeveloped at Volt #4.

Rigged blurs the boundary between technician and performer as the audience follows the unfortunate and yet joyful tale of the rigger who finds himself at the centre of the action. Watch him as he just tries to do his job before jumping out of the roof!

PhotoCredit : Graham Burke

CounterweightedRope - WithKate

-Counterweighted Rope - 6mins

Me and Kate Inez-Kieran first met while both volunteering on Parklife, several years later we found ourselves both on Nofitstate's trainee performer programme. With Transit approaching Kate asked me if I'd be interested in counterweighting her for her act , I said yes and so we made this piece. We later redeveloped the piece at Volt #3

Extracting different stories from in, above, below and around the spectacular world of the Fairground, Kate-Inez Kieran presents a new counter-weight rope piece, developed with NoFit State Circus. With ambitions of going on a journey and pushing this piece further, Kate is interested in questioning an audience how the work can go further a-field or go further a-fairground!

PhotoCredit : Jack Hunter

PhotoCredit : Graham Burke

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity

CounterweightedTrapeze - WithAnna

-Counterweighted Trapeze - 7mins

Devised in Edinburgh while touring with BIANCO we made this piece for the Unhinged Cabaret dynamic trapeze artist Anna O'Loughlin soars across the stage in this graceful and yet powerful act. We have since performed this act at the Albany Cabaret in Bristol. 


PhotoCredit : CelticLo


-Technical club juggling - 4mins15

First made for the final of the Somewhereto_Show Off Competition at the London Olympic Park No.14 is packed full of highly technical 3 club tricks set to a fast tempo rendition of Beethoven's piano sonata No .14. The clubs weave in an impossible manor moving quickly before reaching perfect balance. 

Since creation this act has also headlined the Durham Juggling and Circus Festival as well as being performed at the NE Gen Showcase.

PartnerAcrobatics - WithEmily

Dynamic acrobalance - 4mins

Me and Emily Nichol first met on Barricade in 2012 and then began to create work together during our time together as trainee performers with Nofistate and started to make material together during the first stage of R&D for Block. We made our first act together for The Road and then went on to perform it again for Kiss My Christmas.

PhotoCredit : Eliis Grover

PhotoCredit : Ineptgravity